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上课前, you are required to submit/upload copies of the following items to our document management site Castle Branch! 您首先需要在Castle Branch创建一个帐户. Please remember your account credentials as you will need to access the site often. 


217-228-5520 Ext. 6990,



以下是需求列表 针对在校学生,必须在开始第一年的课程之前完成.

BSN: (第一次,转学和第二学位):  在这里打印您的需求清单! 如需填写并提交所需的大学表格,请访问: BSN的CastleBranch 

放射学技术: 在这里打印您的需求清单! 要填写并提交所需的大学表格,请访问 CastleBranch for Rad Tech.

呼吸道护理: 在这里打印您的需求清单! 如需填写并提交所需的大学表格,请访问: CastleBranch for RC

医学化验技术员: 在这里打印您的需求清单! 要填写并提交所需的大学表格,请访问 MLT的CastleBranch

对于在线HIM, RN-BSN和MSN学生:

你是 不是必需的 完成背景调查, drug screen or provide proof of immunizations history as part of your admissions requirements for acceptance into the program. 然而,你可能会被要求这样做,作为你的体验式学习的一部分.

他: 如需填写并提交所需的大学表格,请访问: 城堡分支给他

在线RN转BSN: 如需填写并提交所需的大学表格,请访问: CastleBranch for RN-BSN

MSN: 如需填写并提交所需的大学表格,请访问: CastleBranch的MSN


Please have the following requirements met NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1st (Fall Admits) and JANUARY 10th (Spring Admits):

  • BRCN注册表格(位于您的CastleBranch门户网站)
  • 两次MMR免疫接种或实验室/医生证明的免疫证据.
  • 乙型肝炎系列或实验室/医生证明的免疫证据. This is a three step series with the second injection coming one month after the first and the third coming 5 months after the second injection.  总共有三次注射-豁免可用.
  • Mantoux TB skin test – If this is your first TB test or more than two years have lapsed since you last received it you are required to get a two-step TB test or TB blood test.  The 2-step is as follows: initial test is done and read 48 hours later; 2nd test is done one to two weeks later and is read 48-72 hours later.  在两步测试之后,你需要每年做一次. (Annual TB skin test does not conflict with other injections, and may be taken at any time. 大多数公共卫生诊所免费提供结核病皮肤试验.) 
  • Tetanus (Td) within the last 10 years or 实验室/physician certified evidence of immunity– waiver avai实验室le upon request.
  • Varicella (this is also known as the Chicken Pox Vaccine) or 实验室 or physician certified evidence of immunity.

    如果你选择放弃接受任何免疫接种, understand that you may be asked to leave clinical due to outbreaks or patient safety. 你也要对损失的时间负责. Be aware when scheduling immunizations that there could be a wait between injections if you are having more than one immunization done.  Contact your local health department or primary care physician if you have any questions about multiple immunizations.  第一次和第二次注射肝炎疫苗之间需要等待30天, 第二次和第三次注射肝炎疫苗之间要等待5个月.  
  • CPR - The CPR certificate must be American Heart Association, BLS for Healthcare Provider.  To sign up for a class offered by 祝福健康系统 contact Nursing Professional Development at ext. 4860,或BRCN学生服务主任. 6990.  课程可以从您选择的培训地点完成, 但请确保这门课是美国心脏协会的, BLS医疗保健提供者课程.  课程费用是32美元.00.  如果你想以16美元的价格购买教材.00,这是可选的.   
  • Nursing Student Malpractice Insurance – NSO student malpractice insurance is required. 购买去 www.太阳亮度.com,选择“获取报价”. 如果您尚未持有医疗保健执照,请选择“学生”。. Once you receive your “certificate of insurance” you will need to upload/submit it to your Castle Branch account.
  • 健康科学 Student Malpractice Insurance - Health sciences student malpractice insurance is required. 购买去; www.hpso.com 选择“获取报价”. 如果您尚未持有医疗保健执照,请选择“学生”。. Once you receive your “certificate of insurance” you will need to upload/submit it to your Castle Branch account. (MLT学生选择:医学实验室技术员/技师.)
  • Drug Screen – Every student must submit to a drug screen no more than 30 days prior to the start of their first class or upon re-entry to the program. 成绩将自动发送到学院.  This must be done through Blessing Physician Services (Office of Sports and Occupational Medicine. 伊利诺伊州昆西大街927号101套房.)预约电话(217)223-8400 x 7950. 
  • Criminal Background Check – Every student is required to do a background check no more than 60 days prior to the start of their first year or upon re-entry into the program, 但必须在第一周课程结束前完成. This is done online and is needed from the student’s home state and/or Illinois. 访问背景调查链接: 背景调查Link 


全福里曼护理学院 & 健康科学 students are required to undergo a criminal background check prior to beginning clinical at the sophomore level.  The Illinois State Law authorizing this check is the “Health Care Worker Background Check Act.” The law was enacted for the protection of the frail and disabled citizens of the State of Illinois.  中国澳门网投手机网站的学术课程 & 健康科学 require clinical experiences that may include the treatment of children, 发育性残疾, 或者脆弱的成年人.  The criminal background check includes self-disclosure of your criminal history and investigation of your criminal history by the Illinois State Highway Patrol and/or in the state in which the student has permanent residence.  If a student is from Missouri they need both an Illinois and a Missouri background check.  如果他们只来自伊利诺斯州,只需要伊利诺斯州的背景调查.  学生有权(a)获得犯罪记录报告的副本, (b)质疑其准确性和完整性,以及(c)要求豁免.  The student may be withdrawn from clinical courses or may be dismissed from the program if the Criminal History Record Check shows a conviction of any of the criminal offenses listed in the 学生手册.


All students are required to comply with the following dress code during pre-clinical, 实验室, 和/或临床经验,除非课程大纲中另有说明:


  • 软底防滑的鞋子.  鞋子必须干净,鞋头和鞋头必须封闭. 鞋子的外观一定要专业.  请勿穿帆布鞋或布鞋.  鞋带和袜子应保持清洁和良好的状态.
  • Wear a mid-thigh to knee length BRCN white 实验室 coat that buttons down the front.(实验服可选)
  • 保持干净整洁的外表.  头发必须固定好,不要挂在衣领上. 
  • 如果不穿手术服, semi-professional dress with a 实验室 coat and identification is required for pre-clinical preparations unless otherwise stated in course syl实验室us.  任何时候都不允许穿凉鞋、露趾鞋、牛仔裤或运动服. 
  • Jewelry is discouraged for infection control requirements; however, 2套每穗小, 帖子耳环, 一个链, 只允许携带一枚结婚戒指或私人戒指. 手腕上不允许戴手镯. 脚链必须盖住,穿在袜子或长筒袜里面. 
  • 不允许使用人造指甲.  所有被认为冒犯性的身体穿孔或纹身都必须遮盖. 
  • 浓烈的香水, 科隆, and after-shave are discouraged in the clinical areas due to patient sensitivity. 

*有关个人卫生及着装规定的更多详情,请参阅 学生手册 


  • 祝福里曼护理学院 & 健康科学 polo shirt and khaki slacks or skirt are worn when representing the College.  Examples of events that represent the College are professional service activities, 招聘活动, 还有一些在社区或社区机构的临床经验.


  • 祝福(皇家)蓝色磨砂膏与BRCN标志- 所有校内项目 
  • 擦洗夹克 可选的所有校园课程
  • 皇家蓝Polo衫 护理与放射学

所需的服装可从我们的 在线商店.

Scrubs may also be purchased at the store of your choice and can be taken to Expressions by Christine, 缅因街711号, 昆西, IL 62301, 217-223-2750, 用于刺绣BRCN标志. 

**Gently Used Scrubs may be avai实验室le at the Blessing-Rieman Caring Cupboard in the Student Services Building**


护理项目 & 呼吸科学生需要:


  • 带秒针的防水手表(不允许使用智能手表)
  • 听诊器(26美元)
  • 笔光 
  • 成人血压袖带(18美元)

A limited supply of Blood Pressure Cuffs and Stethoscopes are avai实验室le for purchase in the Student Service office. 价格列在上面. 付款方式可以是现金、支票或借记卡/信用卡.  


The book lists can be purchased through the website on that page or you can get the ISBN number from the book list and purchase the books from a place of your choosing.